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Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Are you looking for the best way to learn the bass guitar? Honestly, the best way is to find a great bass teacher in your local area. But if that is not possible, then look here for the best bass guitar lessons for beginners. Bass guitar lessons online, if delivered well, can get you off to a great start. 

Here Are 3 Helpful Articles To Get Started On Bass Guitar


50+ Beginner Bass FAQs

Answers to more than 55 common questions most people ask when starting to learn bass guitar.


Bass Guitar Beginner Books

Looking for the best book for learning bass guitar. See our recommendations for the best bass books for beginners.


Beginner Bass Guitar Songs

What are the best songs to learn on bass? Here's some easy songs to play on bass guitar to get you started.

Beginner Bass Guitar Website

Welcome to Bassic Training

Here on this online bass lessons website, you'll find expert instruction and some of the best online bass guitar lessons for beginners who want to fast track progress and learn correct bass guitar technique and musicianship. 

Founder, Jeremy LaBrooy, is a seasoned professional bass player with 35+ years of experience  from Melbourne Australia.

Our bass guitar lessons for beginners are presented in logical and sequential way that makes learning the bass guitar fun and educational. No more jumping from random beginner bass lessons YouTube.

With lots of  bass exercises for beginners, our learning bass method has proven time and time again that we can turn absolute beginner bass players into strong bass guitarists within a relatively short time.

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'How To' Beginner Bass Guitar Guides

Bass Guitar Starter Packs

The best way to get started on bass is to buy a good starter bass guitar starter kit.

Bass Guitar Notes

If you wanna play, you gotta know the notes on the bass guitar, right?

Bass Guitar For Small Hands

Small hands & looking for a bass guitar for a child? Look to buy a short scale bass.

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Jeremy LaBrooy

Jeremy LaBrooy is a bass player, composer, teacher and music producer from Melbourne Australia.

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Learning Bass Guitar

Beginner Bass Guitar FAQs

If you are thinking about learning bass you may have lots of questions.... From cheap beginner bass guitars to beginner bass guitar exercises and songs for beginner bass players to bass riffs you can play straight away.

Here are some answers to beginner bass guitar questions that we here from many bass students just starting out. 

Is it easy to learn bass guitar?

With our courses, we'll have you playing bass to your favourite bass songs in no time at all. Is it easy to play bass guitar? The question really is - how well do you want to play the bass? It takes a long time to be a professional bass player. We'll make sure it takes a short time for you to get pure delight and enjoyment from playing bass in your practice room.

How long does it take to learn the bass guitar?

Overall, mastery of the bass takes an average of 10,000 hours. Practicing for 3 hours a day for nine years should get you there in no time. Fortunately, however, with just an hour or two of practice a week, most people can play the bass passably after 6 months. This includes scales, bass lines, and proper fingering.

What are the best bass guitar songs for beginners?

We complied a comprehensive list of best songs to learn on the bass. Check it out.

Do your courses contain bass exercises for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! We'll give you lots of beginner bass guitar exercises to develop your bass technique and strengthen your hands.

Will I learn how to read music for bass guitar?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we are not too keen on TABS. As a professional bass player, you will never get given sheet music with TABS on it at a studio recording session or TV gig. We see learning how to read bass guitar notes and how to read bass chords as paramount importance. So yes, we teach it and yes you will learn how to read music for bass guitar.

Can you play bass if you know the guitar?

Is it easy to learn bass after guitar? Absolutely, it helps. While the skills necessary to play both instruments can be transferred to a certain extent, aspects of both instruments need to be learned separately. So, it’s easier to pick up one after learning the other, but they’re not the same.

What’s the best bass guitar for a beginner?

While everyone has different needs and preferences for their first bass, I can safely say these are the safest picks: Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Ray4 and Jackson Series Spectra JS2. More reviews and recommendations here.

What are the best bass guitars under 1000?

If you are just starting out as an absolute beginner on the bass, we probably suggest buying a good starter bass guitar pack here. We'll be adding to our reviews of best bass guitars under 1000 and best bass guitar under 200 real soon.

Is bass guitar hard to learn?

Like any instrument, there is several stages of development that you will go through on your musical journey. To start off and play some notes along to a simple bass song - we'll that's simple. We'll make sure it is for you. However to get up and play with a band or orchestra in front of thousands of people in a concert hall, on TV or on an arena stage - well that takes a lot of work. What do you want to do on the bass?

How big is a bass guitar?

How tall is a bass guitar you may ask? Most modern bass guitars have a short-scale length of 30" (76 cm). For the standard scale, the length is 34" (86 cm) for 4-stringed and 35" (89 cm) for 5-string instruments. The extra-long scales are 36" (91 cm).

What about bass guitar for small hands?

Wondering how to play bass with small hands? We have taught many children aged 10 and up. Bass guitar and small hands can be challenging but you can start off with a smaller bass with a short scale. It's sometimes called a three quarter bass. Mention this to your local music store when you call and ask for a range of short scale basses for people or kids with small hands.

What’s the best way to learn the bass guitar?

The fool-proof method is to start with the basics and then work your way up by practicing daily. Of course, online or in-person courses are highly recommended to help keep you on the right track and hone in your technique. Another way is to learn songs, easy bass guitar songs with notes in the form of sheet music or learn by ear.

Do you teach slap bass lessons online?

Slap bass is a more advanced technique and is best learned after you have completed a bass guitar beginner course. We have a slap bass lessons online course on our roadmap and will release it soon. Meanwhile get started on the beginner bass course.

What’s the difference between a 4 and 5 string bass guitar?

Aside from the number of strings, the 4-string bass has a slimmer neck, making it easier to play, especially for beginners. However, a 5-string bass has more range and has extra five string bass notes. The extra range is actually only 5 extra bass notes down to a low B note.

Why should I pick bass guitar vs electric guitar?

Lead guitar vs bass guitar- Should I learn bass or guitar is often pondered by beginners. The bass guitar is similar to the guitar but provides a different function in a musical setting. Moreover, its notes are an octave lower, making it more suited as a supporting instrument. However, with its ego-boosting, career-enhancing, and penchant for improving overall musical abilities – it’s no surprise that the bass guitar has been the starting point for many world-renowned musicians. (Shhh - pick bass!)

Do I need to buy beginner bass guitar accessories?

If you buy a a good starter bass guitar pack then everything you need will be included. Beginner bass guitar accessories you'll need are a bass guitar strap, a bass tuner, a lead and a combo practice amp for bass.

What is a Fretless Bass, and should I play it?

With a fretless bass guitar, the small metal bumps that form each fret along the neck are removed. Without frets, some players can slide their fingers between notes with ease. This leads to a distinctive, enhanced sound that bolsters the smooth tones of the bass.

Is learning the bass guitar worth it?

The bass is a well-established instrument used in the composition of many classics and modern songs. There’s no shortage of world-famous bass players who’ve dedicated their careers to the bass's low-tones. The bass is famous for not how it makes a song sound but how it makes it feel – the part of the song that sticks with you. In short: yes.